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About Our Establishment


The first African American funeral home in this area was the Johnson Funeral Home, located in the 600 block of North 9th Street, and owned and operated by Andy and J.B. Johnson. Records indicate they had burials between 1913-1925.


During the years of 1913-1928, records indicate there was a Josenburger Funeral Home located in the 600 block of North 9th Street.


The Rowell Funeral Home was established in 1919 by Mr. William A. Rowell (also known as W.A.). Mr. Rowell was married to the former Willa Ferguson, who was a 5th grade teacher at Howard Elementary School. Mr. W.A. Rowell was born July 27, 1894 and departed this life in September 1967 at the age of 73.


In 1967, after the death of Mr. Rowell, Mrs. Rowell asked Rev. Andrew Jackson Parish, Jr. (also known as A.J.), if he would manage the funeral home. He agreed to manage for one year.


In 1985, Rev. Parish purchased the Rowell Mortuary. In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Rowell and the long standing name of the funeral home, he did not want to drop the name, so he added his name and became known as Rowell-Parish Mortuary.


Mrs. Rowell passed in April 1988 and Rev. A.J. Parish passed October 3, 2014. His legacy lives on through his mighty works. Rowell-Parish Mortuary is still family owned and operated and was purchased in 2017 by Veasley Funeral Home & Cremations, Inc.



Our Mission


Our mission is to give to you the service we would expect for our loved ones. Our motto is “Service with Integrity” and we strive to be honest and available to you. Every service we provide is unique in its own way. By entrusting your loved one to us, we will give you the best care we possibly can. In the end, we will be the last to let you down.

~Rev. A.J. Parish


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